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Saving Account

Everyone wants to have some pennies saved in their wallets, but probably it doesn’t seem to be possible in this inflation era. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no alternative solution available to this. So, if you want your hard-earned money to save, then opening a saving account can be a better option. Meanwhile, some might suggest to put the money in the investment schemes, but that’s quite a risky case as the investment market is truly unpredictable and doesn’t promises of great returns.

saving account

What is Saving Account?

A savings account is an interest-bearing financial instrument held at a bank or financial institution. The financial institution provides a modest interest rate to the accountholder. They may also charge certain fees for non-maintenance of minimum balance in the account.
In simple terms, it is a basic bank account that keeps your money safe and secured and allows you to withdraw funds from a savings bank account if and when required.

Benefits of opening instant Saving Account:

Everyone knows that saving money is a good habit to secure the future financially. After all, your money is what all your responsibilities rely on. As savings account earns you interest, it is a great financial tool to manage extra funds. The account makes it quite easy and convenient to access the money from your account, whenever needs arise. Also, it is among the most liquid investments that promises safe and secured banking. While considering this option, there are tons of benefits linked to the bank account. Let’s check out the top key benefits of Saving account.

Top key benefits of savings account

How to open a Saving Account?

As of now, we are almost clear with the fact that the savings bank account acts as a repository to hard-earned money and gives interest on deposit.

Now, the question here is how to open an Instant Saving Account with the bank?

Do your homework

First comes first, so do your homework to research the right bank that suits best to your needs and offers best interest rates. Accessibility is the real issue in a common man’s life, so make sure that the bank you choose is easily accessible and is situated nearby your locality. Also, make sure that the bank offers convenient services such as debit card, internet banking, and mobile banking.

Visit the bank or its website

‘Word of Mouth’ is good, but not in this case. Don’t get influenced by other’s claim and do a self-research. Visit the bank, if possible, or the bank’s official website to get all the relevant and exact information about the terms and benefits of an instant account. Generally, bank provides enough required information through its official website along with testimonials.

Choose the saving account type

Banks have plenty of options for savings account schemes, though each scheme doesn’t suits to every individual as they have their own set of terms, benefits, and fees & charges. Depending on what you need, zero down the savings account type.

Submit documents

To open a zero balance account, an applicant needs to submit copy of mandatory documents. As per the RBI rules, the bank consider six documents as valid identity proof – passport, driving license, PAN card, Voter’s card, Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI, and NREGA Card. Applicants need to submit any of these documents to process the application.

Deposit the initial amount

Even though this is the zero balance account, you can deposit the initial account as soon as the application is submitted and the bank account number is generated. Collect the receipt after the money is deposited and enjoy convenient banking at comfort of your home and office.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Saving Account

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) is a government’s saving plan launched in August 2014 as a step towards financial inclusion. The objective was to ensure at least one bank account in every household. This would not just encourage banking habits among individuals, but would also make them liable to various financial subsidies passed by the government. The initiative was a huge success as over 4 crore bank accounts were opened in a short span of time, till September 2014.

Benefits of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana:

  • Earn3% interest on daily balances on quarterly basis
  • Complimentary cheque book and overdraft facilities
  • Free RuPay Debit Card
  • Insurance Benefits upto 1lakh
  • Convenient mobile and internet banking
  • Overdraft facility of Rs.5000

Types of zero balance Saving Account:

Definitely, zero balance account is a great place to keep your funds safe and secured and withdraw whenever required. These accounts keep your money safe and conveniently accessible while paying interest on the maintained account balance. However, no group of people have the similar needs or similar financial status, and this is the reason why there are different types of savings account available in the financial sector. Each account type has different features and benefits designed for people from all walks of life. So, before you open a savings account, check the options and choose one that suits best to your needs.

Basic Saving Account

As the term suggests, this is a basic bank account that offers just the key features and facilities. Accountholders can withdraw money whenever required and earn interest on the maintained balance amount. However, in most cases, such account type comes with non-maintenance charges, where if the account balance goes below minimum balance criteria then the bank levies certain percentage of penalty for the same.
To simplify account access, bank provides cheques and debit cards and a passbook to record the transactions. Account holders can deposit and withdraw funds and record the transaction for the same. However, withdrawal facility comes with a daily limit.

Benefits of regular/basic savings account:

  • Free passbook facility for all account holders
  • Access your account with complimentary debit card
  • Easy and convenient banking experience
  • Avail Safe Deposit Locker and Super Saver facilities
  • Get free e-statements

Salary Account

A salary account is a special type of savings account usually set up by the company or corporation the customer works for. A majority of companies and corporate houses deposit their employee’s monthly salary directly into salary account. The best part of such account type is that it doesn’t come with any minimum balance requirement.
Accountholders can avail a number of facilities that comes with this zero balance account. However, if the salary is not credited in an account for a span of three months, the salary account automatically gets converted to a regular/basic savings account.

Benefits of Salary Account

The features and benefits of the salary account can vary depending upon the bank your employer is associating with. However, there are certain key features and benefits that almost every bank and financial institution offers. These include:
  • Zero balance maintenance criteria
  • Earn interest on account balance
  • Free mobile and internet banking facility
  • Customize the account as per requirement
  • Complimentary debit card and passbook
  • 24*7 customer support

Student Savings Account

As a responsible parent, every couple wants to give their children a financially secured future. Thus, in a bid to encourage parents or guardians to save for their child’s future, several banks and financial institutions introduced their student or kids saving plans.
This refers to a special type of joint savings account where primary accountholder is below 18 years and secondary account holder is parents or guardians who act as nominee until the primary account owner grows mature.

Benefits of student savings account

  • Complimentary debit card
  • Free add-on card facility
  • Education insurance cover benefits
  • Mobile and net banking
  • Free passbook saving account
  • Automatic conversion into fixed deposit

Joint Savings Account

Basically, a joint savings account is a bank account which can be maintained and accessed by two or more accountholders. Each accountholder can deposit and withdraw money from it. The account can be opened either for long-term or short-term, subject to their life goals. Hence, it is an excellent tool for effective and efficient financial management.
However, the key to successful management of joint accounts is trust. It’s important that each accountholders maintain trust and establish some ground rules and lines of communication to avoid even the smallest doubt among the partners.

Benefits of joint savings account:

There are many benefits to sharing a bank account. For once, let’s take a glimpse of some of the key advantages.
  • Easy access to funds – Notably, the biggest perk of having a joint account is that both the partners have the easy access to the account. This way, each partner can feel financial responsibly and dependent.
  • Spending habits in check – Certainly, most confusion and clash seems to happen among the partners for their unknown or irrelevant spending habits. Thus, through a joint account, you can keep a check on your partner’s spending habits and also discuss questionable purchases. This helps in keeping spending habits in line, while maintaining budgeting goals on track.
  • Split bills – It may be noted that such banking services help you to split bills and share the expenses. Initially, it may sound okay to take care of the bills alone, but at some point, it will affect your relationship. Therefore, be a timely bill payer without leaving any mark on the relationship.

How to open joint savings account?

So, if you’re impressed with the mentioned benefits and plans to open a joint account ASAP, but have no idea where to approach then here’s a quick guide to you.
Fundamentally, opening a joint bank account is no rocket science and has similar process as an individual account. All you need to do is approach the right bank and submit the application. Provide basic information and KYC documents to process the application and voila, here you go.

Senior citizen savings scheme

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) is a government’s initiative to offer savings instrument to every Indian resident aged over 60 years. The deposited amount matures only after 5 years and can be extended once by an additional 3 years. SCSS is available through both private and public sector banks and India Post Offices as well. As it is a government-backed savings instrument for senior citizens, the terms and conditions applicable to the Senior Citizen Savings Scheme are the same, regardless of the bank or financial institution an individual opens an account through.
Depositors are allowed to make deposit of any amount in lumpsum (to be made in multiples of Rs.1000) with minimum deposit of Rs.1000. The maximum deposit limit is Rs.15 lakhs. While deposits less than Rs.1 lakh can be made in cash, amount more than Rs.1 lakh can be deposited using cheque or demand draft.
Also to be noted that the SCSS is eligible for tax deductions under Section 80 C of the Income Tax Act, but the interest received on the investment is taxable.

Bank Name of savings account
Kotak Bank Grand- The Savings Programme for the 55+
IDBI Bank Jubilee Plus (Senior Citizens) Account
Canara Bank Canara Jeevandhara
ICICI Bank Life Plus Senior Citizens Savings Account
HDFC Bank Senior Citizens Account
Axis Bank Senior Privilege Savings Account

Women Saving Account

Catering specifically women’s banking needs, several financial institutions have introduced women savings account. This was also done to encourage banking habits among the women segment, which earlier was quite low. There are several rewards and benefits linked with women’s saving account.
Although the minimum balance criteria of women bank account is same as regular bank account, but what makes the former more preferable is offers, discounts, withdrawal limits, and insurance cover benefits linked to the woman account.

Benefits of women Saving Account

  • Low minimum balance maintenance criteria
  • Complimentary debit card
  • Extended daily withdrawal limits
  • Preferential rates on home loan, car loan, and personal loan in future
  • Personal insurance coverage

Bank Name of Saving Account
PNB PNB Power Savings
Kotak Bank Silk-Women's Savings Account
IDBI Bank SuperShakti (Womens) Account
South Indian Bank Mahila Plus Savings Bank
ICICI Bank Advantage Woman Savings Account
HDFC Bank Women's Savings Account
Axis Bank Women's Savings Account

Saving Account for children and minors

Saving is definitely a good habit, doesn’t really matter whether you are a minor or grown-up. However, it is wrongly believed that banking habits are designed only for the adults and it has no particular connection with the younger ones.
In a common scenario, Indian parents believe in giving all possible comfort and luxury to their children, but meanwhile forget to strengthen their future financially. Therefore, being a responsible parent, it is important to open savings account for children and minor to assure financially secured future to their kids.
Kids savings account helps the child to understand the importance of saving money while earning interest on the balance.

children saving account

Age criteria for Savings Account for minors :

When we talk about the minors saving account, one thing that comes to mind is what the right age is to open an account. Well, to this most banks and financial institutions have two separate schemes – one for below 10 years and another for those between 10 and 18 years.
In case if the minor is below 10 years, the account is open jointly with the parents or guardians, while if a child is above 10 years, the account can be operated by the child itself, though parent or guardians remain the nominee until a child turns 18 years of age.

Some best Saving Account schemes for children and minors :

Bank Name of savings account
IDBI Bank Power Kidz Account
Indian Bank IB Smart Kid SB Account
Canara Bank Canara Junior Saving Account
South Indian Bank Junior Savings
ICICI Bank Young Stars Savings Account
Smart Star Savings Accoount
HDFC Bank Kids Advantage Account
Axis Bank Future Stars Savings Account
PNB PNB Junior SF Account
PNB Vidyarthi SF Account
Kotak Bank Junior- The Savings Account for Kds
Andhra Bank AB Kiddy Bank
AB Little Stars
AB Teens
SBI Savings Bank Account For Minors
Savings Account for Minors: Pehla Kadam and Pehli Udaan
UCO Bank UCO Smart Kids Savings Bank Scheme

List of All Payments Bank Minimum Balance and Interest Rates

S.No. Banks Minimum Balance Required Rate of Interest (p.a.) Features
1 India Post Payments Bank 0 5.5% per annum Maximum account balance up to ₹1 lakh
Free Debit Card
Free 4 monthly ATM withdrawals
Nomination facility available
2 FINO Payments Bank Ltd. 1000 4% per annum -Instant and paperless account opening
-RuPay Classic Debit card with insurance of ₹1 Lakh in case of death / permanent disability due to accident
-Free 5 ATM withdrawals
-Instant fund transfer with minimal through IMPS at nominal charges across any bank in India
-Free monthly e-statements
3 Paytm Payments Bank 0 4% per month -No account fees and charges
-Free Virtual Debit Card
-Risk-free deposits
-Updated Passbook
-Account security with special Paytm Passcode
-Withdraw cash from any ATM
-Discounts and Cashback across various merchants
-Free insurance cover of upto ₹2 lakh
4 Airtel Payments Bank Ltd. 0 5.5% per annum -Airtel Mobile Number is also the account number
-Open a savings account with a scan of your finger.
-Use all banking services with My Airtel app.
-Personal Accident Insurance Cover of ₹1 lakh
-Withdraw cash at any Banking Point
-Enjoy benefits like recharges, ticketing, shopping, UPI, money transfer, bill payments and much more on Savings Account and Wallets.

List of All Banks Saving Account Minimum Balance and Interest Rate

S.No. Banks Minimum Balance required (₹) Rate of Interest (p.a.) Features
1 Andhra Bank 0/5//100/1000 3.50%-4% -Minimum balance of ₹5/-
-No Charges on non maintenance of Minimum Balance
-No other service charges
-No Restrictions on the number of withdrawals in the account.
-No cheque book shall be issued
-No ATM / Debit card facility
-No ABB facility
2 Axis Bank 0/10000/25000/100000/ 3.50%-4% -Instant Account Number.
-Auto FD feature for balances above ₹10,000
-Zero Balance Account
-Complimentary online debit card/ Optional physical debit card
-Unlimited ATM transactions at all Axis Bank and other banks' ATM
-Preferential Pricing on Lockers and De-Mat
-₹150 discount on BookMyshow, ₹ 1,000 cashback on Cleartrip App, 2 months free subscription of Airtel Wynk
-Minimum 15%* off at our partner restaurants
3 Allahabad Bank 1000 3.50%-4% -Only for individuals
-Initial Deposit- NIL
-Minimum Balance- NIL
-No charge will be levied for non-operation/activation of in-operative ‘AllBank Saral Savings Account’
-Option to switch to normal SB account and to maintain applicable minimum balance
-No charges for closure of account.
4 Bandhan bank 0/2000/5000/25000/100000 4%-6.55% -24-hour customer care facility
-Nomination facility
-Complimentary passbook, monthly e-statement, consolidated annual statement, Debit cum ATM card, Net Banking, Phone Banking, Mobile Banking, Electronic Fund Transfer
5 Bank of baroda 0/5/1000 3.50%-4% -Zero Balance Facility
-Unlimited Chequebook Facility
-Free Debit Card
-Interest on quarterly basis
-Individuals eligible to open Savings Account singly / jointly and having attained the age of 18 Years
6 Bank of India 500/5000/10000/20000/100000 3.50%-4% -Internet Banking facility
-Unlimited ATM transactions (Only at BOI ATMs)
-Online Income Tax return filing facility
-Personalised cheque book on request
-Free utility bills payment facility through Epay
10 Citibank 200000/ 3.5% -Citibank Online
Mobile & SMS Banking,CitiPhone Banking, Branch Banking facilities
-Free SMS & E-mail alerts.
-Zero transaction fee at Citibank affiliated IndianOil outlets.
7 Bank of Maharashtra 1000 4% -Telebanking facility, SMS Banking facility, Mobile banking facility and Internet Banking are available.
-TDS is not applicable for interest earned on the account.
-Free Mahabank VISA ATM/Debit Card.
-Deposit Insurance Cover upto ₹1 lakh.
8 Canara Bank 500/1000 4% -ATM-cum-Debit Card, Pass book/Pass sheet, Nomination, Standing Instructions, Cheque Collection, Instant Credit of Outstation Cheque upto ₹15,000/-, Internet & Mobile Banking etc.
9 Corporation Bank 0/250/500/2500/15000/100000 3.50%-4% -40 Free Cheque leaves (per FY), Rs. 4/- per additional leaf
-Interest paid quarterly
-Instant Debit card,
Internet Banking
-SMS/ Mobile Banking & IMPS
-Any Branch Banking
-Personalized Cheque Book
-Fund Transfer through NEFT & RTGS etc
-Mobile Recharge through SMS
-LIC Premium payment through internet & ATM
-Advance Tax Payment through ATM
-E-Payment of Tax
-Card to Card fund transfer
-Online opening of Deposit [FD/KCC] through internet
-Applying IPO through ASBA.
-Insurance & Mutual Funds
-Email statement
-E –passbook
-E- mandate
-Missed Call Facility
10 Central Bank of India 50 3.50%-4% -An account can be opened with initial deposit of ₹50/-. -Minimum balance of ₹50/-
-One cheque book per year free of charge
-50 (Fifty) withdrawals per year free of charge
-Total credits in a year should not exceed ₹1,00,000/- lac and balance in the account should not exceed ₹50,000/- in all accounts taken together
11 Dhanlaxmi Bank 0/5/1000/5000/10000/25000 4%-6.5% -No minimum balance requirement
-Door Step Banking facility
-Free cash withdrawal from any other banks’ ATM
12 Dena Bank 0 4% -‘Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account’ is available to all Indian Residents
-No minimum balance requirement
-Nomination facility is also available
-No charge will be levied for non-operation/activation of the savings account
-Debit cum ATM card facility.
13 Federal Bank 0 3.50%-6.51% -No Minimum balance requirements
-One Free Cheque Book (20 leaves) per financial year
-Proprietary ATM card
-1 monthly statement free (if not opted for Pass Book)
-Account view facility on Fednet (Internet Banking)
-Only 4 withdrawals in a month are permitted including branch, ATM, cheque clearing, etc.
-Aadhaar based credit of subsidy/government benefits are free of charge.
14 HDFC Bank 2500/5000/10000/25000 3.50%-4% -Discounts and offers through online shopping
-Safe deposit lockers
-Customized banking service
-No annual maintenance charges for the first year
15 Digibank 0 4%-7% -Zero balance savings account with no minimum balance charges
-India’s First paperless, signatureless and branchless bank
-Open Digibank e-wallet within 90 seconds
-Convert digibank e-wallet into DigiSavings Account with Aadhaar OTP
-Earn up to 7% interest per annum
-Unified Payments Interface (UPI) facility to manage all bank accounts
-Purchase, track and redeem mutual funds with SIP investments
-24X7 Virtual Assistance
-Up to 10% cashback from a wide range of online merchants
-Free Visa Virtual Debit Card
-Make payments using Digibank App
-Intuitive Budget Optimizer
-Inbuilt security for easy and secure payments
16 Indian Bank 250/500/1000 4% -ECS/RTGS/NEFT facilities are available
-No charges for Intra city transactions except cash deposit and cash withdrawal charges at host branches for transactions above ₹50000/-
-ATM cards/Debit cards free for the first year
-3 transactions Free at ATMs of other Bank in Metro and 5 transactions Free at ATMs of other Bank in Non Metro Areas.
-Intra city, intercity transactions, Internet/ mobile /phone banking facilities are available at all branches
-Nomination facilities available.
-50 withdrawals permitted free per half year excluding debit entries related to ATM / IRCTC transactions /POS / Internet, Mobile transactions and ₹15/- will be charged per transaction over and above the free withdrawals.
-No TDS on interest earned on SB deposits
17 IDBI Bank 500/2500/5000 3.50%-4% -Faster transfer of funds
-Online options to pay your bills or tax
-Good options to grow money at attractive interest rates Instant Banking
-International Debit Card
-Demand drafts and Pay order
-Easy Payments
-Bank on the Move
-Profit from your Account
-Value Added Services
-Travel and Gift Solutions
-International Debit cum ATM card
-Free five ATM transactions at other Bank ATMs at Non Metro Locations
18 ICICI Bank 0/1000/2000/2500/5000/10000 3.50%-4% -Choose your own account number
-Get added advantages with ICICI EPF account
-24*7 Banking service
-Mobile Banking and Contactless Mobile Payments
19 IndusInd Bank 0/10000/25000/2500000 4%-6% -Reward points on every card transaction
-Free monthly e-statement
-Insurance and medical discounts
-Cashback through Indus Money Program
20 Indian Overseas Bank 500/1000 4% -International VISA Debit Card
-Instant Credit of Outstation Cheque upto ₹15,000/-
-Internet banking facility.
-Multicity Cheque facility
-Nomination facility
-Standing Instruction Facility
Speedy transfer of funds
-Anywhere Banking
Insurance Product
21 IDFC Bank 25000 4% -Aadhaar based account opening facility
-Free ATM transactions in India
-Free VISA signature Debit card
-Unlimited fund transfer
22 Kotak Bank 0/2000/3000/5000/10000/20000 5-6% -Digital Bank Account
-Open account through Kotak 811 Plan
-Instant Account opening with Aadhaar card
-Free online transfers (NEFT, RTGS, IMPS) to help you go cashless
23 Karnataka Bank 0/500/1000/2000 3.50%-4% -Anywhere Cash deposit at Branch
-Free cash deposit at BNA
-Cash withdrawal at any branch
-SMS alert facility on subscription
-Free monthly e-statement
-Free 25 Cheque leaves per calendar year
-Fastest way of Inter Bank fund transfer through RTGS/NEFT/IMPS
-MoneyPlant Visa/Rupay classic Debit Card/EMV Chip card are available for eligible account holders
-Free Internet/Mobile Banking facility.
-Free Mobile Apps -Interbank fund transfer through IMPS
-Demand Drafts from any branch
Nomination facility.
-Fastest collection of cheques
-Account portability facility
-Free Missed Call Banking facility
-24x7 Customer Care Centre with IVR facility
-Free fund transfer within the bank
24 Jammu and Kashmir Bank 0/500/1000 3.50% -Free cash withdrawals at branch (up to 50 withdrawals per half year).
-Free Instant Debit Card issued with an ATM withdrawal limit of ₹0.40 lakh/day & PoS transaction limit of ₹1 lakh.
-Nomination facility available.
-Free e-banking facility.
-Interest paid at quarterly intervals and calculated on daily products
25 Punjab National Bank 500/1000/2000/50000 3.50%-4% -Interest calculated on daily product basis payable quarterly.
-20 free presonalized multi city cheque leaf per half year
-Free transfer of fund within PNB accounts
-Free internet banking
-Transferability of accounts to any P.N.B Branch without changing the account number
-Deposits are insured by DICGC
ATM Cum Debit card(individuals account)
-Fast remittance of funds through NEFT/RTGS
-Acceptance of standing instructions
-Safe Deposit Lockers available online also.
-Online opening of account facility
26 Oriental Bank of Commerce 0/500/1000 3.50%-4% -Free ATM cash withdrawal
-Nomination facility available
-Free Internet Banking facility
27 Lakshmi Vilas Bank 1000/3000/5000 4%-6.50% -Pass Book facility available -Standing instructions facility is available on a nominal charge. -No restrictions on the number or amount of deposits.
-Nomination facility is available
28 Syndicate Bank 0/100/500/1000 3.50%-4% -Indian Residents can open the account
-Internet and Mobile banking facility
-Free ATM cum Debit card
-Customized Debit card facility
-SMS alert on transactions
29 State Bank of India (SBI) 0/1000/2000/25000 3.50%-4% -Safe Deposit Lockers as per availability.
-Nomination facility is available and recommended.
-SMS Alerts and e-Statement facility
-Auto sweep facility
-Special salary accounts
-ATM cum Debit card
-Mobile and Internet Banking facility
-Banking services on missed call
-Personal accident and health insurance cover
30 Punjab & Sind Bank 500/1000 3.50%-4% -Normal banking services available to all
-No minimum balance required
-ATM cum Debit card facility
-Interest Payable on quarterly rest on Daily product
31 South Indian Bank 0/2500/5000 4% -Accounts can be opened in joint names of family members
-First cheque book of 10 leaves free
-Unlimited withdrawal facilities
-No Income tax deduction at source on interest
-Standing instruction for remittance of insurance premium, rent and similar payments carried out
-Nomination facility available
32 YES Bank 0 5%-6.25% -Customized savings account facility
-Higher rate of interest
-Internet and Banking facility available
-Mobile and SMS banking
-Unlimited access to ATMs
-Free Utility Bill payments
-Savings Rewards facility
33 Vijaya Bank 500/1000/2000 3.50%-4% -An individual can open the account
-Non-maintenance of minimum balance attracts charges
-Free ATM cum Debit card
-ATM withdrawal facility
34 United Bank of India 0/50/100/500 3.50%-4% -Nomination facility for quick disposal of balance in case of death of a/c holder(s)
-Facility for standing instruction involving credit to another a/c
-Cheque book / pass book facility
-Opening joint a/c with relatives / partners / etc
-Opening of a/c in the name of minor, illeterate, blind, etc
Instant credit upto ₹15000 against collection of outstation cheques
-Coverage of insurance benefit upto ₹1.25 lac by paying nominal premium of ₹17 per year under United Suraksha Scheme
-ATM-cum –Debit card
-Safe custody of article facility, safety lockers facility
35 Union Bank of India 0/20/100/250/500/1000 3.50%-4% -Simplest deposit option available to the depositor.
- Free ATM cum Debit card
-20 leaves of cheque book free per year
-Free Accidental Insurance cover by Debit Card usage.
-Tabulous Banking facility to open accounts from your home/office
-Earn Rewardz points on your Debit card spend
-Free Internet Banking facility
36 UCO Bank 0/100/250/500/1000/1500 3.50%-4% -No charge will be levied for closure of account within 14 days
-Nomination is accepted in favour of a single individual only
-Free ATM cum Debit Card

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